david n wilson
is a designer, professor, and researcher. His practice focuses on emergent digital technologies that create, maintain, and change culture in public, virtual, and hybrid spaces.
David currently serves as a tenure track Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Purchase College, State University of New York. His university teaching experience includes courses in Visual Communication Design, Graphic Design, Speculative Design, Media Design, Media Production, TechnoCulture, and Public Interactives.
Prior to his current academic appointment, David served as a research fellow at The University of Texas at Dallas and The New School for Public Engagement School of Media Studies. At each institution he helped to establish design research labs that investigate an emergent digital communications form called Public Interactives. Additionally, at The New School, he was selected to participate in the University Transdisciplinary Graduate Laboratory hosted by Parsons School of Design. In the TransD Lab he conducted technocultural research in collaboration with Microsoft New York exploring their CivicTech initiative. David has presented research at SIGGRAPH, Ideas City @New Museum, and through publications by the Association for Computing Machinery and xCoAx.
In addition to his research and design practice, David has worked in the Television, Music, and Video Game industries.